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The aims of the “European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society” (E.M.S.O.S.) are to advance the science and practice of the diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumours, to promote basic and clinical research, and to disseminate knowledge in order to provide a common high standard of musculo-skeletal oncology. The particular purpose of the Association is to promote mutual collaboration between different specialists and institutes involved in the treatment of musculo-skeletal tumours.

EMSOS 2021 Flyer Update
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Dear colleagues and friends, it is a great pleasure to announce that the 33rd annual Meeting of the European Muscolo SkeletalOncology Society (EMSOS) will be held in Graz, Austria (December 1st – 3rd 2021). According to the aims of the Society, the meeting will focus on the multidisciplinary approach to bone and soft tissue tumors, promoting mutual collaboration between different specialists involved in musculoskeletaI oncology.